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Geri Allen performed at Sugar Hill Luminaries Lawn, and, of course, she was stellar. That may well have been her last Harlem appearance. Here are tributes to her, from Patricia Spears Jones and Herb Boyd.

Some of the residents of 409 and 555 Edgecombe Avenue

…heritage in all its forms must be preserved, enhanced, and handed on to future generations as a record of human experience and aspirations, so as to foster creativity in all its diversity and to inspire genuine dialogue among cultures...
—From the United Nations "Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and Creativity,"

Article 7

In Honor Of the Maestro
Geri Allen

While We Are Still Here (WWSH) ensures that the “post-gentrification” community of Harlem and beyond will honor and find a meaningful connection to the legacy of African American achievement, and its paramount importance to world culture.

To create lasting tributes to the movers and shakers of Edgecombe Avenue and beyond by erecting, publishing, and presenting: a monument, a book, and a series of public events.  WWSH will also collect oral histories.

Will educate, enshrine, and preserve the extraordinary legacy of two historical landmark buildings that were vital to the intellectual, cultural, social, and political advancements of the Harlem community and the African Diaspora. 

Our History Continues In Harlem.

Programming In the Arts and Humanities.

Creating lasting tributes to the movers and shakers of Edgecombe Avenue and beyond.

Support the Production of
In the Face of What
We Remember:
​Oral Histories
of 409 and 555 Edgecombe Avenue